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Emily Urban

Emily Urban

I’m passionate about people, communicating effectively with them, and a strong aesthetic.

Back in 2012, I started a business in freelance graphic design fresh out of college. I always had a knack for branding and an eye for good marketing, and as the years went on, I realized where my passion lied. It was in the people.

I delved into learning how we tick. Why do things draw our attention? Why do others make us avert our eyes? What makes a customer keep coming back? What makes us happy in the business world?

I also honed a passion for excellence. It’s not enough to simply draw people in – I wanted to know how to do it a step above the rest.

And so, Oh Hello Media was born. With a focus on introductions – be it your first introduction to the world or introducing yourself to someone who’s stumbled (or more accurately, was led with effective SEO) onto your site, I want to make your first impression a lasting one. One that draws in clientele and happily keeps them there.